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The new Alphapoc 901-BOS (DF version: dual-frequency operation 2 frequencies programmable from 161-174 MHz) is the new BOS-approved POCSAG message receiver from Alphapoc with 256 call addresses (64 RIC) in the standard display.

This DME II not only meets the requirements of the TR-BOS DME II for digital signal receivers, but is also extremely robust and resistant thanks to its IP-64 degree of protection.

Messages and symbols are displayed in standard mode with up to 8 lines and max. 22 characters shown. The background of the display is RIC-dependent in 7 colors illuminated.

The DME comes fully programmed for digital alerting according to your individual requirements in the programming form. No further costs for programming and quartz!


• Protection class IP64 / extremely robust design
• small dimensions / light weight
• Keyboard illumination
• High reception sensitivity (3.5 μV / m)
• 128-bit AES encryption as standard
• Multiprofile function (combination of user profiles)
• Keyboard lock
• User profiles 32 profiles each 21 characters
• Frequency range 161 MHz - 174 MHz
• BAUD rates 512/1200/2400
• programmable reception frequency (synthesizer)
• 8/6 line LC display with 22/16 characters including status line
• Display color adjustable in 7 colors
• Alarm mode
• 18 alarm sound patterns with increasing or fixed volume
• vibration (duration / interval)
• Extremely loud (> 90 dB @ 30cm)
• Reach alarm can be switched on / off
• integrated speaker (no piezo)
• Volume adjustable
• 18 alarm tones programmable (MIDI)
• Detection and correction of multiple messages
• Alarm memory for the 45 most recent alarms
• Automatic alarm sorting in max. 32 folders
• BOS approval: DME II 38/10 (Unication AE511C31)


• Alphapoc 901-BOS DME II POCSAG BOS Pager
• Carrying holster with clip
• Operation manual
• Standard programming according to customer requirements (16 RIC)

NOTE: Compliance with the relevant provisions of the TKG and the approval authorities is the responsibility of the buyer.


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