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Sanyo rechargeable battery AA

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Sanyo eneloop AA rechargearbke battery, Alphapoc-certified and tested. Average running time: more than 75 days.

  • coming pre-charged, making it usable immediately after purchase
  • Can be recharged without ever worrying about memory effect.
  • rechargeable approximately 1,000 times
  • universal usage
  • strong power

Rechargeable batteries typically have a self-discharge characteristic which gradually reduces charged energy over time. This is considered the downside of typical rechargeable batteries. It renders them inconvenient since they can not be used immediately after being purchased, requiring the batteries to be charged to start using them and recharged if they have been left on the shelf for a period of time. Since eneloop batteries have a low self-discharge rate, they are pre-charged and usable immediately after purchase like dry cell batteries. The new eneloop battery continues this tradition by using SANYO’s original “super-lattice alloy” for negative electrode material and improvement of materials and structure, a fully-charged “new eneloop” battery can maintain approximately 75% of charged power even after 3 years, ensuring that power is available when needed.


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