Shipping & payment conditions

1. Shipping Charges

We ship your order as standard shipment with our logistics partner DHL. Please see the costs for package and shipping in the following information. The order form on our website calculates the shipping charges automatically according to the chosen payment and shipment method. Using this system we keep you informed at any time.

Delivery/Shipping Charges within Germany (standard shipment):

Pre-payment/Paypal/Instant money transfer

0-25Kg / 6.50 EUR

All prices are including German VAT – this is only within Germany with our logistics partner DHL

Delivery/Shipping Charges to EU, UK and Switzerland:

Delivery/Shipping Charges to EU, UK and Switzerland are 19.99 EUR (incl. VAT) with our logistics partner DHL

Delivery/Shipping Charges to all other countries (worldwide overseas shipment):

Delivery/Shipping Charges to all other countries worldwide are 29.99 EUR (incl. VAT) with our logistics partner DHL

Order Transaction:

The shipping charges will be shown exactly during the order transaction.

Information about our logistics partner DHL: DHLLogo

If you are not at home when your package arrives, the postman will leave you a note. You need to pick your parcel from the local post office within seven days. In case of transport damages you need to inform us within 24 hours via e-mail or fax!

Please note: Now and again, the postman forgets to leave a note when he didn’t meet you at home. After being informed that the package is on the way, please inform us immediately if it isn’t delivered within 5 days.

2. Reshipments

Please send back goods or repairs only as insured package. When you send without insurance, you do not have any claim for refund.

3. Payment


Pre-payment is done via bank transfer. When using pre-payment you get an automatically generated order confirmation via email that gives you our bank data and your order number. Please state your order number and your full name as reason of payment. After having received the balance due, your order will be shipped immediately (if all items are in stock). Please note that we unfortunately cannot accept cheques. If payment is not done within 14 days after ordering, the order will be closed.

Our bank data:

Make payable to:

  • BS-Electronics, Burgard und Samel GbR
  • IBAN: DE07 5945 0010 1010 9006 35

Payment by instant bank transfer:

After having chosen „sofortü“ as method of payment, a pre-filled form will be opened. You only need to follow the instructions and your order will be sent the next day.

  • choose the country in which you have your bank account. Fill in bank code.
  • Fill in your name and the according account number.

When you activate option “save my account data for future payments”, a cookie is saved on your PC containing the following information:

  • Country
  • Bank Code
  • Account Number
  • Account Owner

Cookies must be activated in your browser’s options. The cookie expires after a year. Your data will not be saved in clear words! You fill in the same data as when using your online banking. The data can of course be adjusted at any payment.

  • Confirmation of the order by filling in the TAN. We get a payment confirmation immediately and we can send your order at once.

Payment by using PAYPAL:

The PayPal icon shows that both eBay items and shop orders can be paid by PayPal.

  • When you bought an item you can choose PayPal on the page „check purchase“.
  • You log on to your PayPal account or you register a new account in a few steps
  • You check the payment details and confirm the balance due.
  • That’s all. Payment is finished.

When you pay by PayPal the money is on our account within seconds and the items can be sent much faster. Payment by PayPal is always free of charge for you.

When shopping in our online shop, you can also pay by PayPal – just look for PayPal in the checkout.

  • Choose PayPal in the checkout.
  • Log on to your PayPal account or register for a new PayPal account.
  • You check the payment details and confirm the balance due.
  • Your payment is done with a few mouse clicks.

A manual PayPal payment can be done by sending money to the following PayPal account: Please state your name and order number.

Payment by open bill:

Payment by open bill is only possible for public authorities. We need a written order confirmation with seal and signature. Please contact our sales department.

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