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Alphapoc Call 1000 POCSAG

Stand Alone Alarming Console Complete Package

with direct input of alphanumeric messages via Windows software

POCSAG alerting system: self-sufficient and independent Inform and alert personnel.

for schools (Amok Alarm Concepts and School Sanitation Services), Hotel, Commerce, Industry, Logistics and Public Health.

Proven technology ensures accessibility in everyday life and in special applications! Already in use in numerous reference projects. Ideal for medical services etc. in stationary and mobile use.

Setting up your own POCSAG alerting at close range!

Customer-oriented project support. Ideal in combination with our Alphapoc - POCSAG message receivers.

Plug-and-play is possible after thorough investigation. Overall, this procedure reduces your costs enormously. Ranges depending on the configuration. Approved ISM version available!

NOTE: Compliance with the relevant provisions of the TKG and the regulatory authorities is the responsibility of the buyer.

The pictured Alphapoc message receiver is just a picture example.

Project request to or Tel. 06841/120 - 400.

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