1. Please contact us before sending us repairs:

Alphapoc pagers are always reliable and trustworthy.

In the unlikely event of an unexpected problem we will repair your pager as soon as we can. Before sending the pager in, please contact us via email or by using our contact form.

Many problems can be solved without sending in the pager.

2. Course of Action and RMA form:

Should you need to send the pager in, please use our RMA form: Formular ALPHAPOC.pdf or Formular ALPHAPOC.doc

and put it into the package with the pager. We always recommend to send the RMA form by email or fax prior to posting the pager.

3. Where to send:

In the event of malfunction, please send the pager directly to our Support & Service Center. Posting pagers to our head office will delay the support.

4. How to ship / Logistic partners:

Reporting from our experience with different logistic partners and the hereby tested reliability we recommend using Deutsche Post or DHL.

Please note that we can only accept postpaid packages.

5. RMA-discharge /sending back:

The pager will usually be repaired with in 1 or 2 workdays. Please leave an email-address for further enquiries.



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