Alphapoc BOS test device digital/analog

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This test device convinces without compromise in performance and quality!

Test device for analog and digital message receivers:

  • Test option for digital message receiver (POCSAG) in the 2m BOS band with 512 baud and 1200 baud selectable
  • Test option for analog message receivers (5-tone) in the 4m BOS band
  • siren test possible digital and analog

Additional features

  • Acoustic feedback on incorrect entry, "Send" and key acknowledgment tone
  • blue transmitting LED
  • all BOS channels/frequencies input directly possible
  • Power saving functions by automatic shutdown of light or entire device
  • menu language changeable (german/english)
  • bumper around the device housing
  • Range: about 0,3 - 1 meter
  • Size: approx. 82 x 137 x 36 mm / Weight: approx. 240 g
  • IP 65 safety class degree

NOTE: Compliance with the relevant provisions of the TKG and the regulatory authorities is the responsibility of the buyer.

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