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Alphapoc 602R inlcuding programmer - DAPNET bundle 

This POCSAG detector is the first full-function USB message receiver. ****** now in the new matt housing ***** The Alphapoc 602R - compact & powerful with 8 RIC and 4 subaddresses! Finally charging anywhere with USB on the PC, in the car or the included power supply!

Immediately ready for use. 

The complete menu is also in German!

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  • DME with USB for BOS, 2m and 70cm channels, freely programmable, manual programming possible!
  • 8 RICs that corresponds to 32 different loops!
  • Reception on a BOS channel
  • clear display for the best readability of the news
  • variable display 8 lines / 4 lines with 2 zoom functions
  • individual naming of each RIC with adjustable alarm tone
  • loud alarm / vibration / mini beep / sound / vibration combination
  • OTA (over the air) programming functions

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frequency X4 437- 441 MHZ DAPNET
rechargeable battery pack without rechargeable battery


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