BS Electronics was established in 1994. Over the years, we developed from a service- and support company in the field of telecommunication and information to a consulting company for many nationwide projects.

We benefitted from the direct connections to our customers and to the market.

In the end of 2003 we decided on grounds of the close collaboration with public authority, especially with fire services and emergency medical services to offer a series of reliable pagers for POCSAG networks at a reasonable price.

The delivery of the first bigger orders to fire services, companies and catalogue aggregators was finished in December 2004.

The market launch for nationwide dealers started in February 2005, bringing the effect of an immense penetration of the market in less than three months.

The further development of the new generation of Alphapoc pagers was pushed since the middle of 2005.

On top of hat, we introduced the Alphapoc 1000 in 2006. This PC-interface offers a PC-based POCSAG-decoder solution as an “all in one” unit. A radio unit/scanner or even an expensive pager with serial interface is not needed. The Alphapoc 100 was consciously developed as reasonably priced solution for fire services and emergency medical services. A further flexible connection of peripheral devices, such as display, ELA and switching outputs is possible using the connected PC or every network solution in discharged locations by the admin.

Since July 2006 the new Alphapoc 505 is available. We engineered a new stable and robust case and changed to an even more efficient battery type – all that without exceeding a weight of 80g. The new Alphapoc 505 offers an unbeatable cost-benefit perspective.

In the meantime, the Alphapoc 505 is widespread in the field of voluntary fire brigades, but also plant fire departments and emergency medical services rely on the Alphapoc 505. The Alphapoc 505 was upgraded to a recharging option with an additional recharging kit.

By the end of 2007, the advancement of the Alphapoc 501 and the new Alphapoc 502 are available. The Alphapoc 502 features a further improved case without giving up the advantages of dimension and weight. The Alphapoc 502 will be the future pager for the basis segment.

The newest development is the Alphapoc 701 pager. Having 16 RICs this meets the concerns of a model for executives. This model also realizes the alert tone assignment , meaning that the user can allocate every RIC and every function the desired alert tone without having to program or to turn off the pager. This pager fulfills all requirements of the pro-class, still having a perfect cost-benefit perspective.

In addition, further products in the field of POCSAG and digital alerting are in preparation. Should you look for PC-alert-printers, huge alert displays, stand-alone-monitoring of alert control units, please give us a note!

In cooperation with many radio control stations and POCSAG-users we realized many local special solutions. We love to help you, should you also need a special solution.

Please see for details our shop with the accordant data sheets.

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