Alphapoc Series 601

Alphapoc Series 601

8 capcodes and 4-line display – the new pro-class Alphapoc pager with unbeatable value for money

The POCSAG pager for those who want to be up-to-date. Ready-to-use when delivered. The pager will be programmed for POCSAG paging as you need it. Individual programming using our programming form is included. No additional costs for programming or frequency change within the selected frequency band. Frequency, baud rate and capcodes can be changed manually by the user. This makes changing of programming perfectly easy, e.g. when changing cities or for changing between day and night mode.

  • 8 RIC codes containing 4 sub-RICs each (A, B, C, D) which is a total of 32 addresses
  • 2-line or 4-line display zoom changeable
  • Frequency, baud rate and capcodes can be changed manually
  • Alphapoc pagers are widespread in many cities throughout Europe

One of the smallest and lightest available POCSAG pagers in the world. Internationally approved and thousandfold established – and all that for an unbeatable price! Function range is equivalent to POCSAG pagers of well-known paging brands. German umlauts are supported. Fix texts for marking the capcodes (e.g. FIRE/RESCUE/PHONE or similar) and sub-RICs A-D (e.g. light/heavy/strong etc.) are available.

All messages are shown in clear text. This means, if the radio control station sends a full text, this is also shown!

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