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Alphapoc 701 dual-frequency operation is available and tested! Following in-depth development and implementation, the advanced feature is now available: dual-frequency operation on two parallel operating channels in the range 163-174 MHz.

The Alphapoc 701 is programmable for each RIC or subaddress with different ringing tones (Loud, Silent, Silent, Minibeep, Redundant, Rising Ring) and different types of vibration (Interval, Continuous). Immediately ready for use. The DME comes fully programmed for digital alerting according to your individual requirements in the programming form. No further costs for programming and quartz! The complete menu is in German!



  • a device for simultaneous reception on two freely selectable BOS channels (163 - 174 MHz), freely programmable (no manual programming possible)
  • 16 RICs that corresponds to 64 different loops !!!
  • Simultaneous reception on two BOS channels
  • best readability with up to 120 characters per page
  • Ultra bright display illumination with green LEDs
  • adjustable extra loud signaling volume through 2 built-in speakers
  • optimal ease of use (conspicuous wake-up time flashing, key tone)


  • handy, small and light
  • up to 64 loops (16 RICs with 4 subaddresses each), individually programmable
  • Exploitation of the multiple receipt for the message correction
  • Storage of the last 20 alarm messages (> 850 characters per alarm message)
  • Display 4 x 20 characters with backlight
  • Magnifying glass function: for better readability, the messages can also be displayed in two lines
  • Acoustic alarm with 16 individually programmable wake-up sounds
  • Ringing tones can be set manually per subaddress
  • vibrating alert
  • Display of the triggered loop (individual alarm keyword 20 characters)
  • Display of the current time / alarm time and the date
  • Call reminder (repeating the alarm)
  • Alarm type switchable:
    - Loud alarm, redundant alarm (loud with vibration)
    - Discrete alarm (vibration and mini-beeps)
    - silent alarm (vibration)
  • Priority call (always audible alarm, even with silent alarm)
  • Automatic on-off control (time-controlled) selectable
  • low power consumption, low battery alarm
  • Range alarm in the absence of contact with the radio network
  • Individual adaptation to the application by programming (activating / locking functions)




Compliance with the relevant provisions of the TKG and the approval authorities is the responsibility of the buyer.


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